Seafood is the most desirable cuisine all around the world certainly FISH, PRAWNS and THE LOBSTERS.
So we at Hei5 International Food thought of sharing some of the interesting facts about the taste and how to cook the lobster tail straight from our kitchen.

Hei5 Intinternational Food is specialized in exporting live and frozen lobster

We can prepare lobsters with 5 different methods like steaming, boiling , grilling, baking and broiling.
With these steps of preparation you can enjoy this cuisine in few minute of time because it doesn’t take longer time to cook and if we cook it turns to rubbery and even doesn’t taste as good as it is in just few moments.

People enjoy to have this feastful cuisine on special occasion as it is high priced cuisine in town. Lobster brings very good taste when it is cooked in butter becomes crunchy in texture so that we can easily split the shell part and enjoy its salty meat.
Moreover, people think cooking lobster at home is next to impossible because of its cleaning techniques and the complicated shape.

Today lets talk about how its been taught to cook. Firstly, rinse out thoroughly with fresh new water repeatedly change the water every after 30 minutes then cut the shell into half and remove the waste vein from the flesh again wash and leave it to dry before we start cooking the lobsters.

Lobsters can be seasoned before and after in both ways of cooking. The easiest way to cut and prepare the tail is the butterfly lobster, you can easily cut it from the center part of the shell and pull the meat out of it (remember to leave a small part attached with the shell) in which the appearance would be like the meat is layered on the top then meat can be easily seasoned. Mostly, seasoning the lobster with butter makes lobster more blissful whether you steam or grill it with salt, pepper and paprika enhances its taste.

Here are some cooking methods of Lobster:

Firstly the boiling method: The pot is filled with water and salt then put whole uncut lobster tail in pot until water boils it brings flavor and also prevents over cooking, you may also do this step before broiling and grilling. When meat become pinkish white and shell turns to red it’s done, simply drain the water and allow to cool to handle for eating.

Another quickest method is steaming the lobsters, steaming with the shell attached to the meat may easily come out of the shell in just 45 to 60 seconds, keep eye on the lobsters meat it can be over cooked.

One more method is baking: we can bake especially the big tail lobsters with small amount of water, hardly takes 1 to 2 minutes of baking

The best way to notice when lobster is done by inserting the thermometer in the tail part, when it shows to 155`F to 140`F the lobster is cooked enjoy eating. You can also serve it with lemon wedges, parsley and melted butter in dipping.